Long Beach Transit is proud to connect to our community through events and partnerships. We work with local schools, colleges and universities on educational programs and preparing the next generation of student leaders.

To connect with us, contact us, sign up for our community newsletter or see us at an event.

Seniors (62 and older) and customers with Medicare or disabilities are eligible for reduced fares and passes with proper identification, including:

  • A valid driver’s license or California ID card
  • Senior TAP card
  • OCTA Senior ID
  • A valid passport
  • LACTOA disabled TAP card
  • OCTA disabled ID
  • Access card
  • Service Connected Veteran ID card
  • LBT legally blind ID
  • Medicare card (good for reduced one-way cash fare only)

Seniors are eligible for reduced monthly passes with a TAP card. Click here for more information on the Connected Seniors Club. 

Long Beach Transit Center

Transit & Visitor Window Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am to 6pm

Saturday – Sunday: 9am to 6pm

Public Restroom Hours

Monday – Sunday: 5am to 1:30am

Transit Gallery Bus Stops

1 Easy Ave. D
21 Cherry Ave. H
22 Cherry/Downey Ave. H
23 Cherry to Carson St. Only H
46 Anaheim St. to Downtown B
51 Long Beach Blvd. to Artesia Station G
61 Atlantic Ave. to Artesia Station G
71 Orange Ave. D
72 Orange Ave. D
81 10th St. to CSULB H
91 7th St. / Bellflower Blvd. E
92 7th St. / Woodruff Ave. E
93 7th St. / Clark Ave. E
94 7th St. to Los Altos Only E
96 The ZAP 7th St. E
111 Broadway / Lakewood Blvd. C
112 Broadway / Clark Ave. C
172 PCH / Palo Verde F
173 PCH / Studebaker F
174 PCH to Ximeno Only F
181 Magnolia / 4th St. B
182 Pacific / 4th St. B
191 Santa Fe / Del Amo Blvd. C
192 Santa Fe / South St. C
Metro A
Torrance A
Amtrak A
LAX FlyAway A