LBT Green

LBT’s Green Fleet by the Numbers:

Long Beach Transit’s commitment to sustainability is clear. We’ve developed a plan to substantially lower our environmental impact over the next 10 years, delivering sustainable public transportation to over 23 million customers every year.

Meet our fleet.

It starts with our green fleet. 89% of our fleet is currently alternatively-fueled, including:

  • Battery-electric buses (BEB)
  • Near-zero emission compressed natural gas buses
  • Gasoline-hybrid electric buses

Our goal: a 100% alternatively-fueled fleet in 2021.

Our commitment to you.

LBT service attracts a variety of customers, including those who utilize public transit as their primary means of travel. These core customers rely on LBT to get to work, school, medical appointments and to other recreational destinations throughout LBT’s service area.

In addition to our green fleet efforts, LBT has signed the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Sustainability Commitment as a pledge to engage in a broader set of sustainability principles.

LBT vs. Cars

What does a green fleet mean in a car-loving city like Long Beach? Everything for the environment.

Our fleet travels a total of 7 million miles per year, the equivalent distance covered by 600 cars. We’re able to offset over 312,000 gallons of gas every year with our green fleet.

Thank you for riding with Long Beach Transit and for helping connect to a sustainable present and future for our city.

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