Alicia A. Gutierrez

Meet Alicia A. Gutierrez​

Meet Alicia A. Gutierrez, a CSULB grad (Go Beach!) who uses transit to get to her job as a Marketing Coordinator with Clean Power Alliance in Downtown Los Angeles. Her daily commute involves hopping on Route 131 along Redondo Avenue to Wardlow Station, where she makes the connection with Metro’s A line. While the pandemic has her working from home, she looks forward to the day she can work alongside her co-workers who share the same passion for sustainability as she does. 

With sustainability in mind, using public transportation was an easy choice to make when she made the move from a job that was locally based to one that required a commute.

“My use of public transportation serves as a simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to get to and from work. Anyone who lives in Southern California knows how exhausting it can be commuting to work and having to find or pay for parking once you get there. Public transportation is the heartbeat of a community and provides an equitable, civic service for all to benefit from. Taking public transportation versus a vehicle means less harmful pollutants in the air that we all breathe. It also helps increase mobility for people who don’t own a car or can’t drive and lessens traffic congestion in high populated areas. I encourage everyone to give this great service a try!”

Thanks for making the choice to use public transportation, Alicia, and doing your part to build a greener community.

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