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Amie Palmira

Amie Palmira

Meet Amie Palmira

Amie Palmira and her family decided to kick off their summer vacation by visiting friends in Long Beach from Las Vegas, where she works as a school psychologist.  

Amie’s friends recommended they check out the AquaLink as a fun day activity while in town and her family was not disappointed! They had a great day out on the water.  

“Since I live in Las Vegas there aren’t many public transit options, so when I go on vacation, I always make sure to use public transit to explore,” shared Amie. “My friends told me to check out LBT’s AquaLink while I’m in town, which turned into the perfect activity for me and my family. We don’t get a lot of time out on the water in Las Vegas, so it’s nice for my daughter to experience the ocean.”  

AquaLink is a 40-minute trip across the Long Beach waterfront for $5 one-way. You can also catch a short ride aboard the AquaBus, a smaller vessel that circulates Rainbow Harbor, for just $1 one-way. To learn more about our water taxi service, visit 

 Thank you for riding with LBT, Amie!         


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