Bill Smith

Meet Bill

If you have ever attended one of the many community events LBT participates in each year, chances are you’ve seen Community Relations Coordinator, Bill Smith. A familiar and friendly face, Bill makes an instant impression on everyone he meets, whether it’s by striking up a conversation with passersby or tossing a frisbee to children at the park. Bill has worked for LBT for the past 11 years and many LBT customers and community members look for him at events throughout the service area. As Community Relations Coordinator, he has been instrumental in establishing LBT’s presence in the community.

Bill initiated and coordinated LBT’s Connected Seniors Club (CSC), which has over a dozen chapters throughout Long Beach. His goal in starting the CSC was to educate and connect seniors in the community to a reliable source of transportation, helping them maintain independence in their daily lives.

Bill’s top three favorite things about working at LBT are educating the community on how to make public transit a part of daily life; developing and maintaining relationships with community members; and partnering with and supporting events throughout Long Beach.

Even off the clock, Bill stays involved in the community. He currently serves as a Commissioner for the City of Long Beach Senior Citizen Advisory Commission. When he is not out serving the community, Bill can be found at the gym training for a triathlon; planting and taking care of his urban farm; or hanging out with his family. July marks Bill’s retirement from LBT, and while he will be greatly missed, we wish Bill and his family all the best!

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