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Carolyn Christian Hines

Meet Carolyn Christian Hines

Carolyn Christian Hines has been riding with LBT for over 15 years now. Originally from Compton, she has cherished memories of hopping on the Blue Line with her family to head down to downtown Long Beach and spend quality time at the Pike. Her grandma’s job near the Hotel Maya meant frequent visits to Long Beach, sparking Carolyn’s long-standing connection with LBT. 

Carolyn moved to Chicago for a few years, where she used public transit to get around. Upon returning to California, she chose downtown Long Beach as her new home. Living and working downtown, Carolyn relied on Long Beach Transit for her daily commute and getting around the city. 

“I couldn’t stand the thought of commuting to work, so I made the choice to both live and work in downtown Long Beach,” shared Carolyn. “I got really used to using the Runabout service, which they now call the Passport service. It was my everyday go-to, and I even made friends with some of the bus operators, still keeping in touch with a few today.” 

Carolyn’s go-to route is the Passport, LBT’s free downtown circulator that operates between key downtown attractions such as the Queen Mary, Shoreline Village and more.  

“It was my main way of getting around downtown Long Beach,” said Carolyn. “Even now, when friends ask me what to do in the area, I always recommend taking a ride on the Passport. It’s the perfect way to discover some cool spots Long Beach has to offer.” 

Carolyn is deeply involved in her community, serving on the Senior Citizen Advisory Commission, as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and participating in Leadership Long Beach, among other commitments. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and going on day trips to unwind. 

Thank you, Carolyn, for riding with LBT!   

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