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Edgardo Asis

Edgardo Asis

Employee of The Month

Edgardo Asis joined LBT as a Bus Operator 10 years ago. Previously, he worked in customer service and brings that passion to help people to his current role. His favorite part of being a Bus Operator is interacting with customers.

Edgardo doesn’t have a favorite bus route, but his favorite kind of ride is one where his passengers are happy and leave his bus a little happier than when they stepped on.

Edgardo has lived with his family in Cypress for 32 years and loves to garden. He’s developed a green thumb and brings the care he takes with customers to his plants in his garden which he maintains with his wife daily, growing vegetables including tomatoes, cucumber, green beans, squash and peppers. He enjoys “talking” to his plants, finding new ways to improve their health and cooking with the fresh produce. 

Edgardo is a valuable member of the LBT team with his professional approach, patience and positive attitude.

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