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Fadia Gomez

Fadia - Community Spotlight

Meet Fadia

Fadia Gomez, a dedicated employee of the Long Beach Unified School District, has called Long Beach home for over 40 years. One of her favorite activities in the city is riding the AquaBus, a popular service offered by Long Beach Transit. 

 Fadia decided to kick off her summer break with a visit to Shoreline Village with her nephews to introduce them to the AquaBus. 

 “I’ve been on it many times, and I really enjoy it,” Fadia said. “I’m excited to show my nephews some of my favorite views of the city.” 

Fadia loves the AquaBus for its quick and affordable trips on the water and the opportunity to stop by the Queen Mary. “I love bringing my family and friends to check out the AquaBus each summer,” she shared. “It’s a fun way to show my loved ones some of the best ocean views in Long Beach.” 

Throughout the summer, Fadia plans to continue taking advantage of the water taxi services offered by LBT. 

The AquaBus is a smaller vessel that circulates Rainbow Harbor, for just $1 one-way. To learn more about our water taxi services, visit ridelbt.com/watertaxis. 

Thank you, Fadia, for riding with LBT on the water! 


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