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Jessica Cignarella

Jessica - Employee Spotlight

Meet Jessica Cignarella

Jessica Cignarella is a Service Planning Manager, who joined LBT in April 2023.  She leads the team responsible for analyzing the transportation needs of the community and planning LBT’s routes and schedules.  

Jessica has been working in transit planning for over a decade and brings a wealth of experience to LBT. Most recently, she worked for the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City but made the move back to the west coast to be closer to her hometown of San Diego. 

“I loved working on the east coast, but when the opportunity came up to move back and live closer to family and friends, I took it,” shared Jessica. 

One of her favorite parts about working at LBT is the opportunity to empower and help others – not only her team, but the community as well. Jessica shared, “I enjoy the variety that comes with my role. Leading a team is not just amazing; it’s a gratifying experience and knowing that our collective efforts are improving our customers’ daily commute adds an extra layer of fulfillment to the work we do.” 

Since moving to Long Beach, Jessica has been exploring the city; going to art museums, stand-up comedy shows and hiking. Outside of work she enjoys baking and uses it as an outlet to relieve stress and be creative by testing different recipes to see what tastes best. 

If you are interested in serving your community like Jessica, LBT is currently looking for an intern and GIS Transit Planner to join the Service Planning team. Learn more about these and other positions at 

Thank you for all you do for the community Jessica! 


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