Jonty Tejani

Lydia Cervantes

Customer Spotlight

Meet Jonty Tejani, a new Long Beach resident who uses LBT to explore the greater areas of Long Beach and its surrounding cities. He is currently a student at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and is pursuing a master’s degree in computer science.  

He first began using public transit a year ago when he moved to Long Beach from Guajarat, India. “When I moved here, I needed to find a way to get to school and many of my friends were already using LBT to get around to the city, so they showed me how to ride the bus,” said Jonty. “I’ve been riding for around a year now and I’m very thankful to always have a reliable ride to get me where I need to go.”  

To commute to school, Jonty uses the Go Beach! Pass, which gives him unlimited rides aboard LBT buses. The Go Beach! Pass is available to all CSULB students, staff and faculty and has two options available to meet everyone’s needs. There is a 30-day pass for $40 ($65 value) or 150-day semester pass for $100 ($325 value).  

When Jonty’s not busy with schoolwork, you can find him watching his favorite tv shows or reading a good novel.  

To learn more about how you can start using LBT for your daily commute, visit 

Thank you for riding with LBT, Jonty! 

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