Kevin Meno

Meet Kevin 

Kevin Meno, a local bus and aviation enthusiast, has been an LBT customer for over 25 years. Kevin lives in Bellflower, which is a community served by LBT, and has been riding buses since the age of three.

Before the pandemic, Kevin volunteered at the Long Beach Airport, where he gave tours to students and assisted with other community programs. During his six years as a volunteer, he rode Route 111 along Lakewood Boulevard to get to and from the airport.

“LBT operators are real heroes who have always got me to and from where I need to go,” he shares.

When Kevin rides the bus, he enjoys the ability to take in the different scenery. His favorite LBT route is Route 192 along South Street, because it takes him to his favorite store, the Disney Store at the Cerritos Mall.

Thank you for being an LBT customer, Kevin!

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