LaShawn Stanley

LaShawn Stanley Long Beach Transit Spot Light

Customer Spotlight

LaShawn Stanley has been a Long Beach Transit customer for 17 years. She started riding LBT when she joined the City of Long Beach and became eligible for an employee-subsidized bus pass. Initially, LaShawn only used LBT to get to work and back home, but after seeing how convenient it was, she started riding more frequently. 

LaShawn works at a Senior Center for the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine Department. In her role, she assists seniors with fun recreational activities. “I love making a difference in the lives of others,” shared LaShawn. 

When LaShawn is not making a difference in the lives of our local seniors, she enjoys participating in arts and crafts, going bowling and hanging out with friends and family. 

Although LaShawn rides several LBT routes, her favorites are Routes 22 and 103 because they take her to her favorite bowling alley, Cal Bowl, located on Carson Street and Paramount Boulevard. 

When LaShawn is on the bus, she likes to craft and socialize with others. She enjoys creating lanyards and giving them to people she meets on the bus.  

Her advice to others who are apprehensive about riding LBT buses is to “get out and explore! If you are not sure how to get somewhere, don’t be scared to ask the Operator questions!”

Like LaShawn, if you would like to go out and explore and need help with your trip planning, please call LBT’s Customer Care team at 562.591.2301 or check out LBT’s trip planner at

Thank you for riding LBT, Lashawn! 

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