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Latrice Jackson

Latrice - Employee Spotlight

Meet Latrice Jackson

Latrice joined LBT as a bus operator six years ago. Her passion for being out in the community and helping people is what led her to this career. Her favorite part of being a Bus Operator is the welcoming work culture she has encountered at Long Beach Transit. 

“Since I first started working here, everyone I’ve met has always been so kind and helpful. The Bus Operators I work with have become my friends, and it’s great getting to work alongside such a supportive team,” shared Latrice.  

Latrice’s favorite bus routes are the 41, 45 or 46 which serve the Anaheim St. corridor, because it allows her to meet a variety of people. She expressed, “I know when I’m working any of the 40’s it’s going to be an interesting day since Anaheim is so busy. Meeting new people every day is what keeps my job fun and entertaining.”  

In her free time, you can find Latrice with her two-year old daughter at the beach or gardening at her home.  

Do you have a passion for serving your community like Latrice? LBT is currently hiring Bus Operators who are ready to help move the Long Beach community. To explore this career opportunity and other available positions at LBT, head over to   

Thank you, Latrice, for all you do for LBT! 


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