Levon Garner

Meet Levon Garner

In honor of National Transit Employee Appreciation Day, let’s shine a spotlight on Levon Garner, the newest addition to LBT’s Bus Operator team. Levon recently completed his eight weeks of training and has officially transitioned into the role of a full-time Bus Operator. Congratulations, Levon! 

“I’ve loved every part of my 8-week training. From the moment I took the driver’s seat for the first time, guiding the bus through simple maneuvers like right and left turns, I knew I was where I belonged.” 

Levon comes from a family deeply rooted in LBT history – he’s the third generation to join the ranks of bus operators. His grandfather and uncle, both retired from LBT, served as inspirations for Levon. Upon returning to Long Beach after college, Levon’s uncle played a key role in encouraging him to pursue a career at LBT. 

“My grandpa and my uncle were LBT operators, and I always thought the stories they would tell were so cool. Becoming a bus operator never crossed my mind but one day I was driving my uncle’s truck, and he was so amazed with my driving he said I would make the perfect bus operator, so I thought I’d give it a try.” 

As Levon kicks off his career as a full-time bus operator at LBT, he’s excited about what lies ahead. He’s grateful for the warm welcome he’s received from everyone at LBT, making him feel right at home. Levon, being the social butterfly he is, loves chatting with passengers, especially the kids who never fail to make him laugh. He’s looking forward to many more days filled with interesting conversations and memorable moments on the job. 

If you have a passion for serving your community, like Levon, visit ridelbt.com/careers to find LBT job opportunities.   

Thank you, Levon, for all you do for LBT!   

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