Lisa Chin

Employee Spotlight

Lisa Chin joined LBT as a Maintenance Administrative Specialist nearly 20 years ago and has a wealth of knowledge that makes her the “go to” person for any information related to the Maintenance Department.

Her duties range from making sure Maintenance staff has uniforms to mentoring and onboarding new employees joining LBT. Lisa enjoys working with many different personalities and tries her best to remember every person’s name.

In fact, her favorite part of her job is being able to meet new employees along with assisting with the department’s various day-to-day needs. “It’s like an adventure, every day is different,” she said.

Outside of work Lisa likes to stay active in her garden or running half-marathons. She is also dedicated to cheering on her two nephews, ages 13 and 9, at their baseball games.

Lisa always goes above and beyond, with an upbeat attitude that helps create a positive working environment.

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