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Lydia Cervantes

Lydia Cervantes

Customer Spotlight

Lydia Cervantes, mother of four and West Long Beach resident, has been riding LBT for over 15 years. Her daughter, a recent Cabrillo High School graduate, decided to pursue higher education locally at Long Beach State (Go Beach!).

Lydia attended the SOAR orientation with her daughter to visit the campus and was surprised to learn that over ten LBT routes connect to campus.

“I was surprised to see how frequent and how many buses serve the university,” said Lydia. “Gas prices are so high right now, it would be too much for my daughter to drive to campus everyday. I’m happy she’s comfortable riding the bus.”

Lydia showed all four of her children how to ride the bus as soon as they started high school.

“At first they only used the bus to go to school and back home, but as soon as they felt comfortable riding by themselves they started using it to go out with their friends,” shared Lydia.

If you are a parent or a student looking to get started riding with LBT, visit to learn more.

Thank you for riding LBT, Lydia and good luck to your daughter in her first year at CSULB!

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