Majed Albokaei

Meet Majed

Majed Albokaei is a Senior Buyer who has been working at LBT for three and a half years. He first began as an intern in the Finance department and has since grown to be a vital part of the Procurement team. LBT’s Procurement team helps the agency purchase everything from buses to office supplies.

Before he joined the LBT, Majed was an LBT customer. “When I first arrived in the United States in 2010, Long Beach Transit was my only means of transportation. Since then, I have always had the interest of being part of the organization that first helped me explore and navigate the city,” says Majed. 

His favorite part about working at LBT is learning about all the different aspects of daily operation – from placing service on the streets to keeping buses clean and supporting the hundreds of employees. Majed feels one of the essential parts of his job is making sure LBT spends taxpayer dollars in a fair way that serves the community and its people.  

“Working with LBT has given me insight on how to make a change in the community I live in. Every day when I see the buses driving around the city, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be part of such an organization,” shared Majed. 

LBT is committed to providing an equal opportunity for all businesses to participate in our purchasing and contracting opportunities. To facilitate this commitment, LBT employs a web-based procurement system hosted by PlanetBids for interested suppliers, contractors and service providers to register and receive automated email notifications of opportunities to do business with LBT. If you’re a business owner who is interested, make sure you visit our website to learn more!

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