Margarita Medina | Long Beach Transit

Margareta Medina

Meet Margareta “Maggie” Medina

Margarita Medina, better known as Maggie, joined LBT as a Customer Service Clerk in 1996 and has served all 24 years on the Customer Service team. Maggie has worked downtown at LBT’s Transit & Visitor Information Center since it opened in 2009 and is the friendly face many customers have come to recognize.

With a deep love for the city of Long Beach, Maggie cares greatly for customers and co-workers alike. While she works hard and takes her job very seriously, you can always find her with a smile on her face, maintaining a positive attitude no matter how tricky the situation. Maggie shows kindness and respect to all and is always thinking of ways to enhance the Customer Experience, making everyday life better.

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