Nathan Carrillo

Nathan LBT Customer

Meet Nathan Carrillo

Nathan is an incoming sophomore at Wilson High School and has relied on LBT to commute to school since he was in middle school. He even hops on the bus during weekends to discover new spots in the area. 

“My favorite part about riding the bus is the quality time I get to spend catching up with friends during our daily trips,” shared Nathan. “I mostly use the bus to get to school, but I’ll also use it on the weekends to explore Long Beach and visit my friends.” 

Having spent a good couple of years on LBT buses, Nathan’s a real expert when it comes to riding with LBT and advocates for people to do the same. 

“I know it can be intimidating at first, but there’s nothing to be nervous about,” shared Nathan. “Trust me, it gets easier and more comfortable every time. I’ve found that planning my trips ahead of time makes the whole experience smooth and stress-free.”  

As a Long Beach Unified School District student, Nathan takes advantage of the GoPass. The program offers unlimited complimentary rides aboard LBT buses for all LBUSD students! Visit to learn more about the program.  

Thank you for riding with LBT and your enthusiasm for public transportation, Nathan! 


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