Niruby James

Meet Niruby 

Niruby James is new to Long Beach, but during her three months here, she is already well acquainted with Long Beach Transit. Interacting with her is a highlight for LBT’s Customer Service team and Operators.

Niruby made the decision to trade in her car for public transportation four years ago and has never looked back.

Since Niruby was a little girl, she has been fascinated with buses. “I love seeing them coming. I always think, here comes my knight in shining armor,” she joked.

Niruby utilizes LBT for all her essential needs, such as grocery shopping and running errands. One of her favorite routes is the 192, which runs along Santa Fe Ave. and South St., because it takes her to some of her favorite stores to get needed supplies. She loves visiting the Transit Gallery, LBT’s downtown transit hub, where she can connect to other routes.

“If it weren’t for LBT operators I wouldn’t be able to get around. I’m thankful for each one of them. They are all so courteous and thoughtful.”

During bus rides, Niruby likes to strike up conversation with the Operators and fellow customers, and she enjoys the peace in looking out the window and observing her surroundings.

“It feels like I’m a big kid looking at everything,” she said, “I like to embrace the moment and it all depends on the day and time, either I will read, go to the park or the beach, and enjoy some me-time or hang out with family or friends and give thanks for my health and life!”

Niruby channels her optimism into her small business, Niruby’s Positive Energy, where she coaches individuals on developing skills and techniques to reduce stress and turn negative thinking into positive thinking.

Thank you for riding with LBT and for the spark you bring to our community, Niruby!

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