Oscar Sanchez

Oscar Sanchez Employee  Spotlight

Meet Oscar Sanchez

Oscar Sanchez is a dedicated Quality Assurance Specialist who has been with LBT for 25 years. In his role, Oscar ensures LBT buses remain in excellent condition by implementing preventative maintenance and adhering to regular servicing schedules. 

Oscar has worked his way up in the Maintenance department, starting as a utility worker, then working as a mechanic before eventually earning a well-deserved promotion to supervisor.   

“I’ve always loved working on cars,” shared Oscar. “I started out as a mechanic in the private sector and was looking for a more stable job with good pay and benefits. LBT has been just that, I’ve grown with department over the years, and have been able to turn my passion into a career.” 

Oscar recently oversaw the delivery of LBT’s most recent order of battery-electric buses, ensuring that they were in working order before hitting the road and serving the community. 

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Oscar shared, “It’s the people. I love my team at Long Beach Transit, we’re one big family on the maintenance team, from the guys who have been on the job for a year to the people who have been here for 30 plus. Everyone looks out for each other, and we all work together to make sure our buses are out serving the community.”  

Outside of work, Oscar enjoys spending time with his family and working on his own cars at home. He also enjoys traveling to Mexico to relax on the beach and recharge when he can. 

Do you have a passion for working on vehicles and thrive in a team atmosphere like Oscar? LBT is currently hiring mechanics who are ready to help move the Long Beach community. To explore this career opportunity and other available positions at LBT, head over to  ridelbt.com/careers. 

Thank you, Oscar, for all you do for LBT! 



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