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Richard De Ocampo

Meet Richard

Richard De Ocampo started his career with LBT as a custodian 21 years ago. After two years of hard work and completing an apprenticeship program, Richard was promoted to be one of LBT’s skilled mechanics in the Maintenance and Infrastructure department.

During the day, you can find him in the shop working on one of the 250 buses in LBT’s fleet. There are different types of buses in LBT’s fleet – battery electric, gasoline electric hybrid, CNG and a few remaining diesels – and all mechanics are trained to work and maintain each of one them, so there is never a dull day!

One of Richard’s favorite things about being a mechanic is troubleshooting an issue with a bus. “Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what is wrong with a bus, but then I take a step back, observe and think to myself, what did I miss?”

In order to be a successful mechanic, Richard believes one must work well with others, be patient and willing to accept advice and tips from colleagues in order to continue learning.

Richard attributes his success to his team, who is constantly supporting each other by sharing knowledge on what they know about a specific bus model. “We are always willing to teach and learn from each other,” he says.

Looking to the future, Richard is most looking forward to seeing how technology evolves on buses and receiving the training to be able to service them.

When Richard isn’t troubleshooting buses, he can be found enjoying his time off with his wife and two children. They love to take strolls around their neighborhood and ride their bikes, play basketball and video games as well as watch movies.

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