Shirley Huling

Meet Shirley

Shirley Huling is no stranger to Long Beach Transit. The New Mexico native moved to Long Beach in 2005 and since then has used LBT for all of her essential trips. Riding with LBT felt natural as Shirley had already utilized public transportation after serving in the U.S. Navy and traveling and living abroad in Italy and Puerto Rico. 

While riding LBT, Shirley enjoys meeting and getting to know other customers. She has even been able to build lifelong friendships with others riding the bus. One such friendship is 15 years strong! 

“I can’t begin to tell you about all of the great experiences and friendships I’ve built on Long Beach Transit,” said Shirley.

Her favorite LBT route is any of the 170s because they are close to her home along Pacific Coast Highway. According to her, “those 170s are fierce; they go everywhere you need to be.” 

Shirley’s son, Federico, has also been riding LBT his whole life and she advises other parents whose children use public transportation to “come up with a plan, go on a few rides together, introduce yourself and your child to the bus operator to let them know your child will be riding alone.”

Shirley and Federico recommend that people utilize LBT’s Call Center to get information about different routes and services.

“All the customer service clerks are awesome,” said Shirley. “They are always spot on with the information and navigate me through each step. They are all just so good!”

In her free time, Shirley spends time with her son, friends and family. 

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