Tyrone Fluker

Meet Tyrone Fluker

Meet Tyrone Fluker, one of LBT’s Training Supervisors who has been with the agency for 33 years – 26 years as a Bus Operator and seven years as part of LBT’s Training and Development team.

Tyrone and his team play a major role in training new Operators and providing refresher courses to current Operators, giving them the tools and knowledge to be successful on the road.

What Tyrone most enjoys about the job is teaching and preparing new Operators and helping provide quality service to the communities LBT serves. He also enjoys the ability to be creative in his role and develop tools such as videos and training materials.

Tyrone sees his role as an opportunity to serve. “Safety is always first, when serving our community. A little bit of customer service can go a long way, a simple smile can make someone’s day,” says Tyrone.

When he’s not at the office, you can find Tyrone spending most of his time creating music, art animations, and model trains.

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