Millikan TAP Card Program

What do you call a group of Rams? A busload.

Millikan students, save $10/mo. on your TAP card!

The new $30 Millikan TAP Card (Transit Access Pass) is good for 30 days after activation (first ride) and can only be reloaded on campus in the Banker’s office. To find out more about the Transit Access Pass, including how it can be used instead of cash, please visit our TAP page.

Tired of getting dropped off everyday by your parents or a rideshare? Sick of looking for parking? LBT lets you study, socialize and sleep while you get to school worry-free.

Millikan High School Bus Routes

Stop 1170, Via Route 92
Stops 1844 and 1879, Via Routes 102 and 104
Stops 1170, 1717 and 4080, Via Route 172

For information about additional service during peak times, please visit our High School Trippers page

It’s back! We’ve got a new Text for Next Bus number – 41411.

Finding the next bus doesn’t require data. Connect to our text for next bus and get live updates on when your bus will arrive.

Just follow these steps:

Look for your stop id number in the bottom right corner of the bus stop sign.
Text LBT and the stop id to 41411. So, if you are at stop 1454 you would text LBT 1454 to 41411. Please make sure to include the space between LBT and the Stop ID.
The next arrival times of all buses for that stop will be texted back.

You can also add your route number if your bus stop serves different LBT routes. Just add the route number after LBT and the stop ID. (LBT 1454 121)

Call us: (562) 591-2301

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