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See museum-quality local art at the First Street Transit Gallery

Long Beach Transit does more than just support local art. We give artists a place to put their works on display. Since undergoing a renovation nearly a decade ago, the First Street Transit Gallery has become an iconic Long Beach landmark featuring colorful mosaic tiles, poems and quarterly installations of artwork from the community.

Visit the Gallery at the Transit Visitor & Information Center, located on 1st St. between Pine Ave. and Long Beach Blvd. in Downtown Long Beach.

CSULB Student Lens

October 2021

See the world through the talented eyes of CSULB students. These pieces express a diversity of experiences through photography, offering unique perspectives on the relationships between people and space.

Visit the First Street Transit Gallery to take in these works and read the stories that inspired them in each artist’s own words.

Special thank you to Lacey Lennon for coordinating with the CSULB Photography Department.

Amanda Quinlan

As Advertised, Shipped Properly

“As Advertised, Shipped Properly” is an image created with artificially intelligent software. I created this image using a series of tools that learn from photographs I take, then create their own unique imagery. The photographs needed to “train” the AI were made in CSULB’s Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. This work explored the ways in which these spaces are culturally mediated, but also how I personally affect the perception of the places that I photograph. I consider the ways that the American Japanese Garden is a reflection of a specific interpretation of Japanese culture, rather than an authentic presentation of values.

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See their work at Shelter A

Ana Berrelleza

Collage #4

My work explores the domestic space through diaristic self-portraiture as well as family and relationships through photography and found images. I use repeating images in my work, for example: wallpaper, textiles, flowers, birds, and eyes. These images help me critically explore domesticity, femininity and my role in my family dynamic. I was born in Mexico, but have lived the majority of my life in the United States. These experiences have shaped my recent work. I have currently been working on depicting the reality of life as an immigrant woman living in the United States by making collages of important people in her life.

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See their work at shelter B

Nicolas Ramirez Cruz


My work explores the loneliness, nostalgia and index my personal experiences to the alienating effects of a country that still doesn’t feel like home. As an immigrant to this country, I have dealt with existing in this land and not feeling fully at home. I create photographs that expose those ideas by exploring urban landscapes through the city. Exploring the city when everyone is not around is an essential part of my practice. Pausing to look closely at everyday environments challenges my hurried presence and demands my quiet watchfulness of each scene. 

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See their work at Shelter C

Elizabeth Chavarin

Cría, Ya No Me Llores

The mythical cowboy of the “old-west” symbolizes a threat to nature, represented as a barrier between the maternal bond of a mother cow and her baby calf. Cría, ya no me llores, is a three-dimensional collage of photographic images hand sewn onto textured fabric, among these images are embroidery stitches with cotton thread, pinned with recycled strips of red leather and twisted wire that extends from its surface. Using photographic imagery sourced from pages of magazines and books, I seek to map connections that confront the conflict between freedom and social constraint. 

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See their work at Shelter D

Veasna Lim

Portrait of a Mother 1

Formally, my works lie somewhere between, photographic sculpture and collage. Through the manipulation of the photographic images on plexi-glass, staging, and the construction of spaces of abstraction for the images to occupy, impressions of a Cambodian American experience emerge – conveying the vital role that community and spirituality plays as a pillar of support for an immigrant population. Like many other “1.5 Generation” immigrants, I am exploring my relationship between cultural preservation and assimilation. By relying on familiar Cambodian buddhist iconography and the ubiquitous pink donut box, which has become synonymous with the Cambodian American community, I create a space for which the two become more symbiotic than oppositional.

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See their work at Shelter E

Gabriel Gonzalez

Fideo con Carne

I am using photography to explore the connections I have had with my family through food. I use elements of portraiture, sculpture, and still life to create scenes that allow viewers to investigate what those connections are. Food, to me, is a universal language and can convey the things that I struggle to put into words. I have created a modified ofrenda, a small altar honoring deceased loved ones, to honor my late brother and sister, Joel and Rebeca Gonzalez. Using their favorite foods as a final goodbye.

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