Welcome to the new Long Beach Transit website.

Long Beach Transit has updated our site and we are here to help you with a tour of our new features. The first thing you will notice on the home page is our new trip planner. This feature will allow you to look up information about bus routes and stops, and get directions for door to door trips.

You can start your experience by typing into the trip planner bar and selecting a route, a stop or a location from the drop down.

Selecting a route on the trip planner bring up a view of the entire route on the map with a list of stops in the trip planner area. On this view you can see the locations of buses currently in service, and you can view the next scheduled arrival times for a specific stop by selecting it on the list or on the map.

Routes are grouped by the headsign you will see on the top of the bus you will be getting on. If you are looking to go a different direction, the headsign can be changed by selecting a different headsign at the top of the trip planner area.

Clicking on “View Stop Schedule” will open a list of all scheduled times for the route at that stop, and provides you with the opportunity to add a stop as either your starting or ending location on the trip planner by clicking “A” or “B”.

If you select a stop or location from the drop down menu, or type in a location and click enter you will enter the location view. This will return all the bus stops close to you and upon selecting one of the stops will provide you with the next arrival times of the buses that service that stop. Clicking “View Details” will take you to the route information view.

You can find the four digit stop ID on the bottom of any bus stop sign.

If you know exactly where you need to go or at any point you need assistance planning your trip, our trip planner can provide door to door instructions. By entering both a starting and ending location the trip planner will provide a series of options for your trip sorted by expected arrival time at your destination. You can select the option you prefer the most based on arrival time, number of transfers, cost, and any non bus travel that may be included.

Once you select an option the trip planner will bring up step by step instructions for you to follow.