Welcome Seniors! Have you heard about our 

Connected Seniors Club?

The Club’s aim is to ensure Long Beach seniors experience everything our world-class City and bus service has to offer.

Check out the 50 places for seniors to shop, visit, and explore our World Class city

As a part of the Connected Seniors Club, you’ll be able to make more trips with your friends and neighbors. Whether you’re going to the store, doctor, or a night out on the town, the Connected Seniors Club helps you to ride with confidence and maintain the independence you’ve enjoyed all of your life. Sign up for a Senior TAP Card and you’re already in the Club – now all that’s left to do is start riding with LBT!

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Everything You Need to Ride the Bus Successfully

Long Beach Transit has made it easy for seniors to ride the bus in Long Beach. Discounted senior fares are available whenever you travel on the bus. Whether you are traveling to a museum, shopping, eating at your favorite restaurant or going to the doctor, senior fares are a great deal!

  • Discounted Senior Fares: Seniors 62 or older can ride any LBT bus for just $0.60 a ride (Requires accepted ID).
  • Senior TAP Cards: The Senior TAP card is the best and easiest way for seniors to get around Long Beach and beyond. Seniors can load a Senior 30-Day Pass on their Senior TAP card for just $24.00 per month (A 63% savings!). TAP cards also store money (Stored Value) and work like a debit card. Plus, the Senior TAP card is recognized by all 26 transit agencies in Los Angeles and all of the agencies will debit your card at their going senior rate.
  • LIFE Coupons: Additional cost saving opportunities are afforded to qualifying Seniors through the LIFE Program where you can save an additional $6.00 off per month on your Senior 30 day pass. LIFE subsidies are available to Seniors whose household income levels meet specific criteria. To find out if you qualify, please call 562.806.0250  or visit for more information.

Get Your Senior TAP Card Today!

Before you head to LBT’s Transit Information Center (at the corner of 1st St. and Pine Ave.) or other event to pickup your new TAP card, make sure you:

  • Download your Senior Reduced Fare Application at
  • Attach a 2” by 2” passport style photo to your Senior TAP application. Photos can be purchased at many locations such as Walmart, Walgreens or CVS stores.
  • Bring completed application with photo and ID for proof of age to the Long Beach Transit Information Center on the corner of 1st Street and Pine Ave in Downtown Long Beach.
  • Long Beach Transit representatives will process your application and give you a temporary Senior TAP Card until your permanent TAP card arrives in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

TAP Card 101

Using your TAP Card: Simply tap your card on the blue TAP Mobile Validator on your left as you board the bus. Wait for the beep and green screen to indicate to the bus operator your card is valid. Train stations also have blue Mobile Validators on the train platforms. You must have a TAP card with current fare to ride the light rail system.

How a TAP card works:

  • Once you put money (stored value) on your TAP card, it stays on the card until you use it up or transfer the balance to a new card by calling TAPTOGo or (866) 827-8646.
  • Fare is subtracted from your TAP card like a debit card each time you use it.

Loading and activating your TAP card:

  • You must load at least $5 to activate your TAP card.
  • To locate the nearest store or vendor to load your TAP card, call LBT Customer Service at (562) 591-2301
  • There are 30 vendors in LBT’s service area, including Ralph’s Supermarkets, where you can load your TAP card.

TAP card benefits:

  • Ease of use: Just TAP your card and have a seat.
  • Safety: No need to pull money from your purse or wallet at a bus stop.
  • Transfers: You must use a TAP card to transfer to other services, such as L.A. Metro (fees apply).

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