There’s book smart.

And then there’s ride smart.

Campus parking lots. Rideshare costs. Parent drop-off zones. Getting to and from school can be more frustrating than an 8 a.m. pop quiz. Long Beach Transit has your back, students. Here’s how riding with LBT can put you on the transportation honor roll.

CSULB Students

You’re on campus all day. Why should your car be too? Forget about parking passes and lot-circling anxiety and take LBT instead. Think of all you can do on the bus that you can’t do in a car – like study, socialize with friends and catch up on sleep (or that show).

Effective Fall 2020, CSULB Parking and Transportation Services has suspended the subsidized bus pass program for students and employees. 

Both CSULB and LBT are committed to providing affordable, sustainable transportation options for students and University employees. While the subsidized bus pass is no longer offered, all CSULB students and employees can now access a new LBT discount student pass. Here are the details:

  •  Beginning fall 2020, LBT will offer a 150-day discounted bus pass to qualified students and employees for $100. This is a 50 percent discount off the regularly priced LBT student pass.
  • The pass is good for five consecutive months and is activated when first used.
  •  Be sure to activate your TAP sticker within the first 25 days of purchase.
  • To provide additional options and flexibility, a 30-day monthly pass will also be offered for $40.
  • CSULB will continue to assist LBT by administering pass sales on campus.
  • Participants will continue to receive unlimited trips on all LBT buses seven days a week for the duration of the pass period.

LBCC and CSUDH Students

We know class work isn’t your only work. Zipping from campus to your job and back again is more efficient and cost-effective when you don’t have to worry about parking or filling up your tank. Whether Long Beach or Dominguez Hills, make the most out of your commute with LBT.

Cost: $1.25 per ride. Full-time students can also buy a Student TAP Card for $40.

How: To get your student TAP Card, please bring the following items to the Transit Visitor and Information Center on 1st & Pine Ave:


K-12 Students

This isn’t a big yellow school bus. This is independence. LBT gives students a better way to get to campus and gives parents peace of mind. Getting your kids to school in the morning shouldn’t feel like a full-time job – at LBT, we’ll take them on and get them there safely.

Cost: $1.25 per ride. Student TAP Cards are available for K-12 students for $40.

How: To get your Temporary Student TAP Card, please bring the following items to the Transit Visitor and Information Center on 1st & Pine Ave:

LBT may provide additional services to routes serving area high schools during peak travel times. For more information, please visit our High School Trippers page.

Already at your stop?

Text LBT and your stop number to 41411 for real-time bus arrival updates.

Be sure to include a space between LBT and your stop number.

Example: LBT 121

Call us: (562) 591-2301

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