How do I pay?

LBT is the Original Ride Share™ and connects you to Long Beach and beyond for only $1.25.

Due to the COVID pandemic, LBT has suspended the LBT Mobile Ticket App. You can no longer purchase fare through the app. Thank you for your understanding.

You can pay your single trip fare using exact change or stored value on a TAP card. Single and 5-day passes can be loaded on your TAP card or purchased onboard our buses. 30-day passes must be loaded on TAP. Single and multi-day passes cannot be used on AquaLink or AquaBus water taxis, Dial-A-Lift or any other transit agency.

We offer discounts for seniors, students, and customers with disabilities. See below for eligibility.

Sorry we do not make change and we cannot take your pennies.

A tap card being used


Regular Fare                                                                 $1.25

Inter-agency Transfer                                                $0.50

25-Ride Ticket pack                                                   $31.25

Regular Day Pass                                                       $4.00

Regular 5-Day Pass                                                   $18.00

Regular 30-Day Pass                                                $65.00

Discounted Fares

Senior (62 years & older)                                         $0.60

Medicare                                                                     $0.60

Customers with Disabilities                                  $0.60

Children (4 years & younger)                                 $0.00

Reduced Fare Day Pass                                          $2.50

Reduced Fare 5-Day Pass                                      $9.00

Student 30-Day Pass                                              $40.00

Reduced Fare 30-Day Pass                                   $24.00

TAP into LBT

The easiest way to get around is with a TAP card. With TAP you can load cash, called stored value, and use it like a debit card or purchase single and multi-day passes. Stored value on your TAP card can be used at any of the 24 TAP-participating transit systems throughout southern California.

For more information call us or visit the Transit and Visitor Information Center

You can purchase TAP cards at our Transit and Visitor Information Center or at a TAP retail location. Value can only be reloaded at these locations, online at taptogo.net or by phone at 866.TAPTOGO.

Interagency Transfers

Transfers between LA County transit agencies are exclusively on TAP using Stored Value. Your transfer will be valid for 2.5 hours from the first trip of your journey during which time any subsequent trips will have your transfer fare calculated automatically when tapping.

OCTA does not issue Interagency Transfers but accepts LBT’s Interagency Transfers as long as the time, date and direction of travel (one-way) are valid. An Interagency Transfer is issued for 50¢ upon receipt of adequate cash fare or a valid pass. Only one Interagency Transfer is issued per each paid fare to complete a one-way trip.

LBT accepts OCTA’s Day Passes for one ride at the point of connection in lieu of an Interagency Transfer. No other OCTA fare media will be accepted.

Please call LBT’s Customer Service department at 562.591.2301

EZ Transit Pass

Travelling all over LA County is easy with an EZ Transit Pass. For one monthly fee you can use one pass throughout the region and ride as much as you like. Please note that some services may require additional fares.

The monthly EZ transit pass costs $110 per month or $42 for seniors, customers with disabilities, and Medicare customers. Please note the EZ Pass must be on TAP.

For more information call us or visit the Transit and Visitor Information Center.

Reduced fares

LBT offers reduced fares for seniors, students and others.

Please note: your operator can request your identification at any time to verify eligibility.

A tap card being used

Seniors and customers with disabilities

Download a Senior TAP application

Obtain a passport quality photo and proof of age (62 or older)

Bring the application, photo and proof of age to the First Street Transit Gallery and you’ll get a temporary card you can use right away OR

Mail the application and receive your card in 4-6 weeks.

Seniors (62 and older) and customers with Medicare or disabilities are eligible for reduced fares and passes with proper identification, including:

  • A valid driver’s license or California ID card
  • Senior TAP card
  • OCTA Senior ID
  • A valid passport
  • LACTOA disabled TAP card
  • OCTA disabled ID
  • Access card
  • Service Connected Veteran ID card
  • LBT legally blind ID. (please download and complete the application to receive your legally blind ID)
  • Medicare card (good for reduced one-way cash fare only)

Seniors are eligible for reduced monthly passes with a TAP card.

LIFE Program: Additional cost saving opportunities are afforded to qualifying Seniors through the LIFE Program where you can save an additional $6.00 off per month on your Senior 30 day pass. LIFE subsidies are available to Seniors whose household income levels meet specific criteria. To find out if you qualify, please call 562.806.0250  or visit hsala.org for more information.

Seniors be sure to check out our Connected Seniors Program

Access Services Customers

Passengers with an LA County Access Services ID card ride for free on Long Beach Transit buses. Just tap your card when you board.

Please note: personal care attendants must pay full fare. The OCTA Access Services program is not affiliated with the LA County program.

Call us: (562) 591-2301

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