Fare collection has resumed on board all LBT buses and water taxis.

LBT Regular Fares

Now through March 2022, LBT will be offering discounted passes available for purchase online at taptogo.net, through the TAP App, or in person at LBT’s Transit & Visitor Information Center or one of the many other TAP retail locations.

Regular Fare and PassesCost
Children (0-4 Years)Free--
LBT Regular Single Ride$1.25--
LBT Regular Day Pass $4LBT Discounted Day Pass*$3.50
LBT Regular 5-Day Pass$18LBT Discounted 5-Day Pass*$12.50
LBT Regular 30-Day Pass$65LBT Discounted 30-Day Pass*$50

 * Promotional discounted passes available now through March 2022.

For reduced senior and student fares and passes, see below.


How to Pay

Single trip fare can be paid using exact change ($1.25), a Transit Access Pass (TAP card) or through the TAP App.

How Do I Get a TAP Card?

There are many options to buy and load TAP Cards with stored value (money loaded on your TAP card).

TAP cards can be used at any of the TAP-participating transit systems throughout LA County.

Reduced Fares

LBT offers reduced fares for seniors, students and others.

Please note: Bus Operators can request your identification at any time to verify eligibility.

Senior and Disabled LBT Reduced Fares and Passes

Seniors who are 62 years and older qualify for a reduced fare TAP Card for seniors.

LBT Senior Single Ride (62 years & older) $0.60
LBT Medicare Single Ride $0.60
LBT Customers with Disabilities Single Ride $0.60
LBT Senior/Disabled Day Pass $2.50
LBT Senior/Disabled 5-Day Pass $9
LBT Senior/Disabled 30-Day Pass $24
LIFE Senior 30-Day Pass $16
EZ Transit Senior, Disabled/Medicare 30-Day Pass $42

How to Apply for a Reduced Fare TAP Card for Seniors 

To apply online, visit taptogo.net. 

To apply in person, visit the Transit & Visitor Information Center at: 

130 E. First Street

Long Beach, CA 90802 

To apply by mail, download the form here and mail to:

TAP Reduced Fare Office

One Gateway Plaza  

Mail Stop 99-PL-4  

Los Angeles, CA 90012-2952. 

Visit our seniors page for more information for seniors. 


LBT Student Reduced Fares

Visit our students page to learn more information on fares and passes available for students.

LIFE Program Passes

The LIFE Program can offer additional savings for customers, depending on household size and income. Learn more about the LIFE Program here.


LIFE 20 Free Rides

Loaded on TAP Card

LIFE 7-Day Pass (up to four/mo)

$ 12

LIFE 30-Day Pass

$ 41

LIFE Student (K-12) 30-Day Pass

$ 30

LIFE College/Vocational 30-Day Pass

$ 27

LIFE Senior/Disabled 7-Day Pass (up to four/mo)

$ 7

LIFE Senior/Disabled 30-Day Pass

$ 16

LIFE Senior/Disabled EZ Transit Pass

$ 34

LIFE EZ Transit Pass

$ 86



Dial-A-Lift and Access Services Customers

Access Services 

Passengers with an LA County Access Services ID card ride for free on Long Beach Transit buses. Just tap your card when you board. 

Please note: personal care attendants must pay full fare. The OCTA Access Services program is not affiliated with the LA County program. 


Long Beach Transit Dial-A-Lift is a curb-to-curb, shared ride exclusively for persons who are unable to use LBT’s fixed-route bus system. Dial-A-Lift drivers operate ADA-compliant vehicles and are specially trained in the needs of persons with disabilities. 

Any resident of Long Beach, Lakewood, Paramount or Signal Hill who is at least 18 years of age, is a current member of Access Services, and has a permanent mobility impairment can apply. 

To apply please download the Dial-A-Lift application HERE. For additional information and assistance, contact us at 562.591.8751. 


EZ Transit Pass

The EZ transit monthly pass is good for local travel on different public transit carriers throughout the Greater Los Angeles region. 

All EZ transit monthly passes are sold on TAP Cards loaded with an electronic EZ transit pass. You can tap your card on any system that accepts TAP. Simply have your EZ transit pass fare loaded onto your card and remember to tap before boarding. 

For more information on the EZ Transit Pass, please click here. 


EZ Transit 30-Day Pass $110
EZ Transit Senior, Disabled/Medicare 30-Day Pass $42



LBT does not offer transfers within the LBT service area. Each ride is $1.25.

Interagency Transfers

Transfers between LA County transit agencies are exclusively on TAP using Stored Value. Your transfer will be valid for 2.5 hours from the first trip of your journey during which time any subsequent trips will have your transfer fare calculated automatically when tapping. 

*Transfer rates vary by agency. For additional transfer information, call 866.TAPTOGO (1.866.827.8646).

From other regional agencies to LBT: $0.50 

LBT to Metro Bus: $0.50 

LBT to Torrance: $0.50 

LBT to OCTA: Click here for OCTA transfer information  

OCTA does not issue Interagency Transfers but accepts LBT’s Interagency Transfers as long as the time, date and direction of travel (one-way) are valid. An Interagency Transfer is issued for 50¢ upon receipt of adequate cash fare or a valid pass. Only one Interagency Transfer is issued per each paid fare to complete a one-way trip. 

LBT accepts OCTA’s Day Passes for one ride at the point of connection in lieu of an Interagency Transfer. No other OCTA fare media will be accepted. 

Please call LBT’s Customer Service department at 562.591.2301 for more information.

If you need assistance planning your trip, you can contact our Customer Care team at 562.591.2301, Monday–Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can get in-person help at the Transit & Visitor Information Center in downtown Long Beach, Monday –Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Call us: (562) 591-2301

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