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Bus Ride Basics

Welcome to Bus Ride Basics!

It’s easy to get rolling with this handy how-to guide.

New to riding the bus or just want a refresher on best practices? Click through the galleries below for information on how to pay and ride with LBT.

How to Pay for Your Ride

Your TAP Card

Making fare collection fast and simple.

Your TAP Card is how you pay for bus service.
It works like a debit card (we call it stored value).
You can also purchase single day or multi-day passes.
When you board the bus, simply wave your TAP Card in front of the blue sensor.
Purchase your TAP Card at the Transit & Visitor Information Center, or at a TAP retail location.
Top up your TAP Card at these locations, online at, or by phone at 866.TAPTOGO.
Discounted TAP Cards are available for Students, Seniors and customers with a disability.

Knowing Your Fare

Calculate the cost before boarding the bus or water taxi.

How to Ride

Hailing the bus

1. Try to arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival.

2. When you see your bus approaching, please stand as near as possible to the bus stop sign. You do not have to use gestures or hand signals to indicate to the bus operator.

3. Please do not run after a bus that is driving away from your stop. Signage on the top front of the bus shows important information: the route #, final destination, and major streets on the route.

Boarding the bus

Customers must board the bus through the front door.

For more tips on how to ride, visit our Customer Guide.

Exiting the bus

1. To indicate you would like to stop, press the black or yellow strips along the side of the bus, or pull the yellow cord above.

2. Please try to signal for your stop at least a half a block ahead of time.

3. Please exit through the rear door only.
To open the rear door, push the yellow strip on the door.

For more tips on how to ride, visit our Customer Guide.

Loading your bike

Our front bike racks are designed to hold your bike securely during the ride.

Please inform the operator you are loading your bike upon pickup and that you’ll be unloading your bike as you approach your stop.

Always approach the bike rack from the curb side of the street.

Load your bike into the rack by:

1. Pulling down the bike rack

2. Placing your bike in an available space

3. Lifting and placing the clamp on your tires.

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Get Going with Google

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Text 4 Next

Text “LBT” plus your “stop #” and automatically receive bus arrival times for your stop.

For example, if you’re at stop 1454, you would text “LBT 1454.” Be sure to include a space between LBT and your stop ID before sending.

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