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Long Beach Transit does more than just support local art. We give artists a place to put their works on display. Since undergoing a renovation nearly a decade ago, the First Street Transit Gallery has become an iconic Long Beach landmark featuring colorful mosaic tiles, poems and quarterly installations of artwork from the community.

Visit the Gallery at the Transit Visitor & Information Center, located on 1st St. between Pine Ave. and Long Beach Blvd. in Downtown Long Beach.

DLBA Presents DTLB Unfiltered

February 2022

Each year, the DLBA puts out the call for Long Beach residents and visitors to capture their own iconic photographs of Downtown as part of the DTLB Unfiltered photo contest.

This year’s top selections showcase this dynamic neighborhood across four categories: Environment, Architecture, Skyline, and People, Places, Events. Long Beach Transit is fortunate to experience these scenes every day as we connect our community. How many do you recognize?

To view a full resolution version of each piece of art, please click on the thumbnail.

Eyad Abutaha - Marina Sunset - DTLB Unfiltered Environment Winner

Eyad Abutaha

Marina Sunset

Category: Environment Winner

Sunset over the marina.

Joan Fuller - Tribute - DTLB Unfiltered People, Places, Events Winner

joan fuller


Category: People, Places, Events Winner

Raquel pays tribute to this beautiful mural of a woman whom she resembles, through movement.

Estevan Segura - Window Washers -  DTLB Unfiltered Architecture Winner

estevan segura

Window Washers

Category: Architecture Winner

Workers clean the breathtaking patterns on the 301 E Ocean Blvd building.

Larissa Peters - Installation - DTLB Unfiltered Skyline Winner

Larissa Peters


Category: Skyline Winner

This angle caught my attention with the up close on the details of the installation but a peak at the skyline and a steeple poking the sunset sky.

Kris Rodriguez - Urban Flower - DTLB Unfiltered Environment in Black & White

Kris Rodriguez

Urban Flower

Category: Environment in Black & White

Night photo of abstract art and shadows.

Eric Benson - Marina Sunrise - DTLB Unfiltered Environment Runner Up

eric benson

Marina Sunrise

Category: Environment Runner-up

I wanted to capture the golden morning glow on the boats and buildings of downtown (including the new Shoreline Gateway tower).

Cassidy Powers - Untitled - DTLB Unfiltered Environment Runner-up

cassidy powers


Category: Environment Runner-up

A blending of Long Beach’s nature with its beautiful art. (Mural by Kamea Hadar.)

Cassidy Powers - Layers - DTLB Unfiltered Architecture Runner-up

cassidy powers


Category: Architecture Runner-up

Layers of Long Beach. (Mural by Dina Saadi.)

Celeste Basich - Fall Sunsets - DTLB Unfiltered People, Places, Events Runner-up

celeste basich

Fall Sunsets

Category: People, Places, Events Runner-up

Fall sunsets in DTLB be lookin like.

Daniel Rojas - Skyline - DTLB Unfiltered Skyline Runner-up

daniel rojas


Category: Skyline Runner-up

Skylines in sunset haze.

Denise Davre - International Tower - DTLB Unfiltered Architecture Runner-up

denise davre

International Tower

Category: Architecture Runner-up

I took reflection from some water in the parking lot across the street.

Eric Benson - Pike Lightshow - DTLB Unfiltered Skyline Runner-up

eric benson

Pike Lightshow

Category: Skyline Runner-up

I took 20 shots before I was able to capture everything in motion (the traffic in each direction on Shoreline as well as the Ferris wheel and train.)

Joe Rodriguez - Downtown - DTLB Unfiltered People, Places, Events Runner-up

joe rodriguez


Category: People, Places, Events Runner-up

My photo is displaying the beauty, spirit and rebirth of downtown Long Beach, CA.

Joseph Paguio - Evening Colors - DTLB Unfiltered Skyline Runner-up

Joseph Paguio

Evening Colors

Category: Skyline Runner-up

The evening colors provide a canvas for Downtown Long Beach’s skyline. 

Joseph Sarto - Downtown & Port - DTLB Unfiltered Skyline Runner-up

Joseph Sarto

Downtown & Port

Category: Skyline Runner-up

I always wanted to capture the downtown skyline. 

Joseph Sarto - The Commuter - DTLB Unfiltered People, Places, Events Runner-up

Joseph Sarto

The Commuter

Category: People, Places, Events Runner-up

Kenneth Yablonsky - Long Beach Sign - DTLB Unfiltered Environment Runner-up

Kenneth Yablonsky

Long Beach Sign

Category: Environment Runner-up

Slow shutter night shot of the Long Beach sign.

Kris Rodriguez - Nighttime -  DTLB Unfiltered people, Places, Events Honorable Mention

Kris Rodriguez


Category: People, Places, Events Honorable Mention

Night photo of abstract art and shadows.

Milena Makianich - Bay Hotel - DTLB Unfiltered Architecture Runner-up

Milena Makianich

Bay Hotel

Category: Architecture Runner-up

Shot on 35 mm film. Views from a downtown Long Beach alleyway. 

Milena Makianich - Fire Escapes - DTLB Unfiltered Architecture Runner-up

Milena Makianich

Fire Escapes

Category: Architecture Runner-up

Looking up at different apartment fire escapes, lined up perfectly on the roll. 

Ramona Aguerrebere - Lighthouse Spiral - DTLB Unfiltered People, Places, Events Runner-up

Ramona Aguerrebere

Lighthouse Spiral

Category: People, Places, Events Runner-up

I wanted an aerial perspective to show the circular winding path during golder hour. 

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