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LBT Grows Greener

We’ve developed a plan to substantially lower our environmental impact over the next decade, delivering sustainable public transportation to over 17 million customers every year.

Meet our fleet.

It starts with our 100% alternatively-fueled green fleet. These buses include:

  • Battery-electric buses (BEB)
  • Near-zero emission compressed natural gas buses
  • Gasoline-hybrid electric buses

As of 2023 LBT has 44 BEB buses in service, with the goal of a zero-emission fleet by 2030.

LBT’s long-standing environmental efforts were recently featured in the Long Beach Business Journal. You can read the article by using the button below.

A man retrieves his bike from the front of an electric bus at the First Street Long Beach Transit hub in Downtown Long Beach

A man retrieves his bike from the front of an electric bus at the First Street Long Beach Transit hub in Downtown Thursday, Feb. 17, 2022. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

Our commitment to you.

In addition to our green fleet efforts, LBT signed the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Sustainability Commitment as a pledge to engage in a broader set of sustainability principles.

This means our core customers can feel even better about their daily commutes with us to work, school, medical appointments, and recreational destinations throughout LBT’s service area.

LBT vs. Cars

What does a green fleet mean in the urban areas we serve? Everything for the environment.

Our fleet travels a total of 7 million miles per year, the equivalent distance covered by 600 cars. We’re able to offset over 312,000 gallons of gas every year with our green fleet.

Thank you for riding with Long Beach Transit and for helping connect to a sustainable present and future for our city.

More Sustainability Tips

It’s important to think about other effective ways we can help the planet, besides recycling. Here are a few tips:

Outside of purchasing new items, you can:

  • Join a cleanup group to help keep your city clean! Find a cleanup near you.
  • Start Plogging! Picking up trash while jogging is great for the community (and great for your calves, too). 
  • Advocate for governments to make climate change and climate literacy a core feature of school curriculum.
Two people picking up plastic bottles on the beach, people running down a trail and a person wearing a jacket with the words hear our voice printed on the back.

Here are a few tips on how to help the environment and your community: