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Logo Guide

LBT Logo Family

Exclusion Zones 

The minimum exclusion zone margin can be easily estimated by using the size of the “L” letterform in the LBT logo mark. On all sides, the exclusion zone should be measured from the farthest edge of the logo. No elements may encroach on this space.

DO NOT tilt or turn logo.

DO NOT place full color logo on a full color background.

DO NOT add shadow behind the logo.

DO NOT place the logo on complex patterns or backgrounds.

Color Palette

Colors that define us.

The Style Guide (adopted in 2011) lists LBT’s “primary” and “secondary” colors. The primary colors are prominently featured in our marketing and on our buses, boats and in other ways. The secondary colors were used in previous ads and other materials but have not been used widely in the past two years.


A universal, type family.

Long Beach Transit’s typeface is Gotham is comes in many weights which make it extremely versatile when it comes to typographical design hierarchy online and offline. Monserrat and/or Proxima Nova can be used as an online substitute typeface. They are very close cousins of each other and make a great technical pairing. These versatile font families are bold, legible, and full of personality.

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