Andra Montgomery

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Employee Spotlight

Andra Montgomery joined Long Beach Transit (LBT) as a Utility Worker nearly six years ago and was promoted to Bus Operator last year. He was born in Long Beach and the favorite part of his job is serving the community where he lives.

Andra first became interested in working for LBT because his father also worked for the organization. His previous experience was working in retail and driving forklifts, which is where he learned he had a natural instinct for driving.

Now, as a Bus Operator, Andra drives along many of the routes he would ride as a customer when he was younger, including when he attended Wilson High School.

“It is very nostalgic; I go to the same bus stops I used to go to all of the time,” Andra said. “I also get to see a lot of places I used to live, see how things have changed.”

When he’s not driving a bus, Andra spends his time practicing martial arts and is a local martial arts instructor. He also enjoys collecting comic books.

Andra is always polite and friendly, contributing positivity to both LBT employees and customers.

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