Bruce McCall

Meet Bruce

Bruce McCall is a Transit Operations Supervisor who joined LBT two years ago. In his role as Transit Operations Supervisor, Bruce provides support to Operators, helping to keep both them and customers safe and ensuring LBT’s service runs as smoothly as possible.

Outside of his work with LBT, Bruce is the founder of a local grassroots non-profit, Urban Reset, whose goal is to provide support, services and mentorship to the inner-city youth. Bruce was inspired to create Urban Reset after coaching and mentoring youth and young adults, seeing the lack of support and resources available.

“Working in the social work sector became my calling. I take pride in providing a service I know will help change the life of someone else. I knew my overall purpose was to offer help and direction to those in need of mentoring or community services,” says McCall. By teaming up with other local programs and organizations, Urban Reset holds community events that introduce local business and talents of various sectors in an effort to bring communities together.

While LBT employees help serve our local community through their everyday work in public transit, we are thrilled to see people like Bruce going the extra mile to support local communities in impactful and purposeful ways!

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