Dewander White

Lydia Cervantes

Employee Spotlight

In honor of Black History Month, LBT would like to highlight Bus Operator Dewander White, whose personal history in connecting communities and making everyday life better goes back generations.  

Dewander’s passion for driving buses sparked from her grandfather, who was a school bus driver in Louisiana around the time of segregation and during the integration of schools. He was the only bus driver in his area who would drive Black students to the integrated schools. “It was miles away, so they had to take the bus,” Dewander said. “It’s beautiful, and it’s sad, but my granddaddy was doing something.”  

Dewander joined LBT eight years ago. She started her career driving school buses in 1990 and has always been passionate about driving, which is the favorite part of her job. Dewander grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Bellflower. She spends much of her time with her identical twin, who also has a career in driving. Dewander is a self-proclaimed foodie; when she isn’t at work, she enjoys exploring different restaurants – even if it’s a plane ride away. 

Dewander always demonstrates duty and integrity while on the job and is never too busy to mentor new Bus Operators joining LBT. If like Dewander, you have a passion for connecting people, LBT is hiring Bus Operators. Visit to find our job opportunities.

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