Elva Zorate

Meet Elva Zorate​

Elva Zorate is a Long Beach resident who has been using Long Beach Transit for the last 10 years for all her essential needs, including her daily commute to work. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Elva has worked as an essential worker at Ralphs supermarket and has relied heavily on LBT buses to reach her workplace.

She recently relocated to a Ralphs store in Torrance and though her commute is longer, she still uses public transit by hopping on Routes 21 or 22 and 45 or 46, which connect her with Torrance Transit at the First Street Transit Gallery to reach her final destination.
“I am thankful for LBT, bus operators and their dedicated services. Day after day, I know I can rely on LBT to reach my final destination,” shared Zorate.

One of her favorite things about riding on LBT are all the customers she gets to meet on the bus. “Since I usually ride the same route at the same time during the week, I often see and talk to the same people and have even befriended some of them.”

Thank you, Elva, for trusting LBT to get you from point A to point B for the last 10 years and for the essential service you have provided throughout this pandemic to keep our community moving forward!

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