Enrique Medina

Meet Enrique Medina

Meet Enrique Medina, LBT’s Transit Services Delivery Superintendent, who has been with the agency for nearly 24 years. In his role as Superintendent, Enrique oversees LBT’s Bus Operators and Road Supervisors, ensuring day-to-day operations run smoothly and all team members are kept in the loop on schedule changes and updates. 

With over 30 years of experience in the public transportation industry, Enrique sees his work as an opportunity to impact the community in a positive way. “I enjoy helping people and making a difference in the community. It feels good to know the work we do has an impact on customers’ everyday lives,” said Enrique.

In today’s changing landscape, Enrique looks forward to seeing what new and innovative ways LBT can align with the future of public transportation and cities as they change and transform. 

“Every time I travel, I make it a point to use public transit,” said Enrique. “Seeing how systems work in other countries helps me see where we are doing things right and where we still have the opportunity to grow.” 

When he’s not in the office or out on the road, you can find Enrique enjoying movies, frequenting his favorite sushi spot, playing handball or cheering on the Dallas Cowboys. He hopes to plan more international trips as restrictions allow and looks forward to continuing his tradition of riding public transit abroad.

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