Belinda and Josiah

Meet Belinda and Josiah

Sophomore Belinda Martinez and freshman Josiah Castro are both proud Bruins at Wilson High School. After a year of distance learning, both of these students will be using LBT for their commute to their first year on the high school campus.

Belinda had always lived within walking distance from her school, until this year. But after learning that a close friend used LBT, she decided to try it out.

“I use the Moovit app. At first it helped me figure out what route to take and now I use it as a time tracker to see when the bus will be arriving,” shares Belinda.

Her classmate, Josiah, recently moved from Hawthorne, where he also used public transportation to get around. He was motivated to ride LBT to help alleviate his mom’s morning routine.

As of now, Belinda and Josiah are both enjoying the free rides LBT is providing until September 19. After fare collection begins, both of these Bruins plan to purchase LBT’s Student Pass to ensure they get the best deal in riding with LBT. To learn more about discounts available for students, visit

Thank you for riding with LBT, Belinda and Josiah!

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