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Ana Solis

Lydia Cervantes

Customer Spotlight

Ana Solis, a Lynwood resident, recently started using public transportation to commute to her job in the City of Carson, where LBT recently expanded service.

After her carpool buddy accepted another job opportunity, Ana realized she would soon need a new way to get to work and looked into public transportation.

“I remembered seeing different buses as I rode in to work in the morning, so I knew I could get there on the bus,” shared Ana. “My family helped me plan out the route online, and we realized it wouldn’t be too long of a commute.”

Ana takes the Metro A-Line to the Del Amo Station and from there, hops on LBT’s Route 1 to get to her destination in the City of Carson.

“In the beginning, I was nervous about using public transportation because I was afraid of getting lost or missing my stop since I am not familiar with the route or schedule,” said Ana. “But the bus operators have been very helpful and have pointed me in the right direction on several occasions, especially in the beginning.”

Thank you, Ana for trusting LBT to get you to work every day. We look forward to continuing to serve you and others traveling to the City of Carson.

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