Austin Phung

Austin Phung

Meet Austin Phung

Austin Phung, Service Development Planner, who joined LBT two years ago as a valuable member of the Transit Service Planning team. The Service Planning Team is responsible for analyzing the transportation needs of the community, gathering important data, and creating routes and schedules for LBT’s service. 

Austin is a public transit enthusiast, riding public transportation and his bicycle for most of his local travel needs.  

“I commute to work on our buses almost every day, so I have a great appreciation for our service,” shared Austin. “I’m not only an employee at LBT, but also a customer, so I get to view our service from both sides which helps a lot in my role.” 

 When he’s not busy working to improve LBT services, Austin enjoys traveling the country and exploring other cities using their public transit systems. 

 Thank you, Austin, for all you do for LBT! 

 If you have a passion for connecting communities like Austin, visit to find our job opportunities.    

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