Bernard Gammage

Meet Bernard Gammage

Bernard Gammage is a Bus Operator who joined LBT 19 years ago. He initially started as a Custodian in 2002, working his way up to Utility Worker before becoming an Operator in 2011. Bernard enjoys the flexible hours and benefits his current role provides. 

Having never operated a bus prior to joining LBT, Bernard attributes his success as an Operator to the in-depth training provided at every step of the process, from learning safety protocols to getting behind the wheel and out on the road.  

Bernard operates along Routes 111 and 112 and enjoys the customers he has met along the way. 

“Serving the same stops year after year, you really get to know the people who ride. There are always new faces, but it’s nice to see long-time customers riding and getting to hear about their day,” shared Bernard. 

Originally from Compton, Bernard has been a proud Long Beach resident for over 30 years. He loves the diversity of the people and community focus of Long Beach. “I love that my job gives me a front-row seat to the city. I get to pass mom-and-pop shops and small businesses, both new and old. I get to meet all kinds of people. It’s really beautiful to see the diversity here in Long Beach,” said Bernard. 

When he’s not behind the wheel, Bernard loves fishing, watching sports and barbecuing. He enjoys testing new recipes and cooking for friends and family at get-togethers. He also loves spending time at the beach and relaxing. 

We are grateful to have Bernard onboard the LBT team and appreciate his hard work helping to keep our community moving amidst the pandemic. LBT is currently looking to hire more kind, customer-oriented Bus Operators like Bernard – no bus driving experience needed! If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Bus Operator at LBT, visit

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