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Brendan Burns

Meet Brendan 

Long Beach has a great music scene, with plenty of popular musicians having roots in the LBC. Jenni Rivera, The Carpenters and Snoop Dogg are just a few claims to fame! The opportunity to create and play live music is what drew Brendan Burns here from Pasadena one year ago.

In that short year, Brendan already feels like a part of the community. One of the reasons he now knows the City so well is because he uses LBT as his main mode of transportation, giving him the time to observe and appreciate Long Beach’s eclectic neighborhoods instead of focusing on the wheel.

Brendan grew up using public transportation in his hometown sharing, “LBT is much more convenient than public transportation back home because there are bus stops everywhere, and I know I can always count on the bus coming.”

His favorite thing to do while on the bus is “listen to music and enjoy the art and murals around the city.” Riding the bus gives Brendan the extra time to create instrumental hip hop and electronic music. Prior to COVID-19, he and a few friends played monthly shows at Supply & Demand off of Anaheim Street and Que Sera off of 7th Street here in Long Beach.

When he’s not making music, you can find Brendan enjoying his favorite local spots – the beach, Bixby Park and the Colorado Lagoon. LBT’s Route 121 connects to all three of these popular destinations!

Thank you for riding with LBT Brendan. We look forward to the day that you and other musicians can play live shows again!

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