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Eileen Manack

Long Beach Transit Customer Spotlight Eileen Manack

Meet Eileen Manack

Eileen Manack has been a Long Beach resident for over 45 years. She recently hosted a special visitor, her sister Teri Paris, a New York state resident who flew in to enjoy the warm Southern California weather. 

During Teri’s stay, Eileen decided to plan an outing on the AquaLink water taxi to treat her sister to the scenic harbor views Long Beach has to offer. Eileen usually takes her grandchildren on the AquaLink and thought a boat ride would be the perfect surprise for her sister.

“The AquaLink is a perfect outing for both adults and kids,” shared Eileen. “The ride isn’t too long or short, and it’s a great price if you want to take family or friends out on the water.” 

To learn more about the AquaLink and plan your next aquatic outing, visit ridelbt.com/aqualink.

Thank you for riding with LBT, Eileen and Teri!

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