Hollis Zeigler Jr.

Hollis - Customer Spotlight

Meet Hollis Zeigler Jr.

Hollis is a Long Beach resident, artist and transit enthusiast who rides LBT around Long Beach and the surrounding communities.  

“I’ve been using LBT’s services for 15 years now as my main source of transportation. Now that I’m a senior, using the bus is more convenient for me and not having to worry about paying for gas or looking for parking is a plus. Since I ride daily, I use the Senior TAP Card because it makes boarding the bus less stressful” shared Hollis. 

His go-to route is the 182 along Pacific Ave., which he uses to commute to and from home. When Hollis has free time, he also enjoys taking route 121, which operates from the Traffic Circle to Ocean Blvd., to Bixby Park for an afternoon walk.  

As a seasoned customer Hollis offers his advice to anyone interested in using public transit, “Since I’ve been using Long Beach Transit for many years, my advice to anyone wanting to try public Transit is remember to be patient and just enjoy the ride. I also recommend looking into getting a TAP Card because it makes the boarding process a breeze.” 

Thank you, Hollis, for riding with LBT! 

If you are 62 years old or older, you qualify for a reduced fare TAP Card for seniors which gets you discounted rides! Visit ridelbt.com/seniors for more information.    


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