Edie Mickey

Lydia Cervantes

Customer Spotlight

Meet Edie Mickey, a Long Beach resident and avid runner. Edie first became a LBT when her son made the decision to ride the bus to get to his. Since neither of them had ridden the bus in Long Beach, they decided to learn bus riding basics together.

“Before my son started to use the bus, I wanted both of us to learn how to get around. We started by learning the landmarks near my son’s bus stops and getting familiar with the different routes. Overall, the experience has been great; my son even lost his pass and the bus operator had it for him the next day!”

In her free time, Edie loves to stay active through snowboarding and running, “I love to run, but eventually even runners get tired too, so I always keep my TAP Card on me to get me back home,” she shares.

Since Edie’s learned the bus basics, a piece of advice she would share with first-time customers is to, “make sure to plan your trip before you ride the bus! It can be tricky to get around when you’re not sure which routes to take.”

To get around town with ease like Edie, use the LBT Trip Planner on our website or download the Moovit app, LBT’s official trip planning app.

Thank you for riding with LBT, Edie!

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