Evlyn Purvis

Lydia Cervantes

Costumer Spotlight

Meet Evlyn Purvis, a fun-loving Long Beach resident who regularly uses LBT to connect with friends and family, discover new hobbies, and travel around Long Beach and surrounding communities.  

“I’ve been taking LBT since I retired seven years ago and now, I use it for almost everything. I’m nearly 78 and public transportation is so important to me because as I get older, I don’t like to drive as much. With LBT I can comfortably and safely go anywhere,” shared Evlyn.  

Evlyn is an LBT champion teaching her senior group how to use the Moovit App to plan trips to museums and travel to downtown Los Angeles and Orange County.  

“It’s so easy. All you do is enter your destination and the app tells you exactly which bus to take. If you don’t have access to the app, you can also ask for help at the Transit Mall in downtown Long Beach. The staff there will help you plan your trip and purchase discount senior passes,” she said.  

Evlyn encourages everyone to ride LBT, “I love it so much I tell everyone that they should try LBT.”  

Thank you, Evlyn, for riding with LBT and for being an LBT advocate! 

If you are 62+ years old, make sure you enroll for a reduced rare TAP Card for seniors which gets you discounted rides! Visit ridelbt.com/seniors for more information.  

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