Phoebe Briggs

Meet Phoebe 

Phoebe Briggs is a proud Jackrabbit who will be starting her junior year in the fall at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She started using Long Beach Transit two years ago, after she was encouraged by her parents to begin taking public transportation. Like many working parents, Phoebe’s family was unable to pick her up after school. However, LBT provided the safe and convenient transportation she needed.

Phoebe described feeling nervous about taking the bus at first, worried she would get on the wrong bus or route. Her mom, however, helped her become comfortable with using the bus by taking the first few rides with Phoebe before she went out on her own. Initially, the idea of riding with people she didn’t know also made Phoebe nervous. But now, she shared, “It’s nice seeing the same people on the bus everyday. Even though I don’t know them, if anything was going on I would feel comfortable asking them or the Operator for help”.


Now that she’s so familiar with using LBT, Phoebe has even shown one of her close friends how to use public transportation. A piece of advice she would share with first-time customers is to “check out the website or go with someone who has experienced the bus so they can show you how everything works.”

When Phoebe isn’t studying or catching up with friends, she can be found volunteering at the Aquarium of the Pacific and feels better knowing that she can rely on LBT to get her there, too.

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